Andrei tN1R Tatarynovich

Andrei tN1R Tatarynovich is a kind boyo. Due to his last name people called him ‘tatar’ in his childhood, so he took the first and last letters and added n1 in between. That’s how his nickname was created.
Andrei tN1R Tatarynovich


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How long have you been playing CS:GO? Since 2018.

The first game I played was CS 1.6.

TOP-3 CS:GO players: electronic, niko, ropz.

TOP-3 sportsmen of all times: Leo Messi, Pele, Mike Tyson.

Words that describe your team: friendship, atmosphere, strength.

Skills that differ a good CS:GO player… composure, self-criticism, AIM or macro understanding.

My hobbies: football.

What’s your favorite weapon and why? AK47.

Your most expensive skin is a desert eagle blaze case.

Your favorite map is … all of them.

Once I’m dreaming of playing vs. electronic.

If I weren’t a CS:GO player, I’d be working.