Artem Cyrus Bekirov

It’s not difficult to guess who inspired him to choose such a nickname. Virtual ‘hi’ to Miley Cyrus. Besides esports he is fond of football. The most epic moments in the Warface history for him are his clutches. This guy is so modest!
Artem Cyrus Bekirov


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Novopavlovsk, Stavropolskiy region
Game experience:
9 years
Current game ranking:
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The first game I played was Gothic.

Your esports idol is Tarrega.

My hobby is football.

What character traits will help your team to win? team spirit.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is AMB-17.

Your favorite map is Lanes.

Unfavorite map is Bridges.

Once I’d like to play vs. DiCaprio.

The most epic moments of Warface history I saw were my clutches.

When playing Warface you shouldn’t… put a glass of water on the desk.

The best Warface player right now is Noklens because he has a big nose. And if to be honest he is very strong in shooting. If he works on understanding the game more, he will be amazing.