Artem Expensive Zhiltsov

Artem Expensive Zhiltsov or Tyoma the Giraffe 2004. He has been playing Warface for 9 years. In his spare time he is doing abs exercises. His team he describes with one word ‘inadequate’. What you shouldn’t do while playing Warface is eat dumplings – he thinks.


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Egorlykskaya stanitsa, Rostov region, Russia
medic, coordinator
Game experience:
9 years
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The first game I played was World of Tanks on PC.

My esports idol is CaptainPanic in Warface.

My hobby is doing abs.

My favorite map is D17.

My unfavorite map is Lanes.

What character traits will help your team to win? experience and character.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is MAG-7.

What you shouldn’t do while playing Warface is eat pelmeni (dumplings).

The best player is XeumX, he is adapting to the conditions fast.

If not Warface, I’d start my own business selling bananas.