Artem Pravsha [RightHander] Markelychev

‘We are surrounded but not broken’ is the motto of the team as Artem says. He adores playing football in his spare time. The story of his nickname is rather simple: he was playing Clash Royale and there was a strong player with the nickname LeBwa [leftie]. Artem was little and created his nickname PrABwA [right hander].
Artem Pravsha [RightHander] Markelychev


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Mytischi, Moscow region, Russia
Game experience:
10 years
Current game ranking:
150 (25.01.2023)
Social media:

The first game I played was CS 1.6 on PC but the one he remembered the most was Call of Duty Ghosts.

My hobby: football.

What character traits will help your team to win? team spirit and the skill to tune ourselves in the right moment.

My favorite weapon in Warface is the Beretta.

The most epic moment in Warface history was our final on VK Play 2 where we were 0-2 down and managed to
make a comeback up to 3-2.

My favorite map Bridges.

My unfavorite map is Destination.

What you shouldn’t do while playing Warface is to download cheats.

The best player is UbiytsaXX (KillerXX).

If not Warface, then Warzone.

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