Denis seized Kostin

Denis seized Kostin


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Moscow region, Russia

Previous teams:

Na’Vi, Gambit, Flipsid3 Tactics, Vega Squadron, Virtus.Pro
Social media:

How long have you been playing CS:GO? 10 years.

The first game I played was Age of Empires 2.

TOP-3 CS:GO players: zywoo, twistz, niko.

TOP-3 sportsmen of all times: Messi, Khabib, Dmitriy Muserskiy.

Three words that describe your team: youth, perspective, problems.

The biggest CS:GO achievement I’m proud of is being 2-time runner up of Major Finals and many-time world champion.

The most legendary moment in CS:GO history for you is the win at the IEM in New York 2016.

Skills that differ a good CS:GO player… mechanics, improvisation, confidence and composure.

My hobby is chilling on the sofa.

What’s your favorite weapon is a knife.

Your most expensive skin is a seized sticker.

Your favorite map is Cobble.

Unfavorite map is Vertigo.

If I weren’t a CS:GO player, I’d be very sad.