Dmitry mizu Kondratev

Erkhan gokushima Bagynanov, ex-top 1 faceit.
Dmitry mizu Kondratev


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rifler, opener

Previous teams:

indinda, forZe
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How long have you been playing CS:GO? since 2018.

The first game I played was Team Fortress 2.

TOP-3 CS:GO players: ropz, jks, shalfey.

TOP-3 sportsmen of all times: Leo Messi, Novak Djokovic, Pele.

Three words that describe your team: creative, emotional, friends.

The biggest CS:GO achievement I’m proud of is playing in forZe.

The most legendary moment in CS:GO history for me is FaZe Clan era.

Skills that differ a good CS:GO player: resilience, ambitions, talent, communicative skills, responsibility.

My hobbies are: music. I used to play football before.

My favorite weapon in the game is Desert Eagle because it’s cheap, you can buy it in every moment of the game and turn the game.

Your favorite map is Ancient.

Unfavorite map is Vertigo.

Once I am dreaming of playing vs. FaZe Clan.

If I weren’t a CS:GO player, I’d work in a factory.