Eduardo David NaoG Valencia Sánchez

Eduardo David NaoG Valencia Sánchez has been playing Dota 2 with passion (as he says) for 4 years only. His nickname came from other games. He prefers football over the classic sports. In his spare time he watches Netflix.

Eduardo David NaoG Valencia Sánchez


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Lima, Perú
hard carry

9 000

Previous PRO teams:

Egoboys, Infinity
Social media:

How long have you been playing Dota 2? 4 years.

Your favorite Dota 2 heroes: Templar, Ursa, Monkey King.

The biggest Dota 2 achievement you are the most proud of… qualified for Major.

My life’s biggest achievement is playing Dota 2 professionally.

Hobbies: Netflix

What type of sport are you going or were you going in for in your childhood? football

The best Dota 2 team in your opinion? Team Liquid.

TOP-3 Dota 2 players: Nisha, Pakasz, Yatoro

TOP-3 athletes of all the times: Leo Messi, Ronaldo, Paolo Guerrero.

If I could choose a superpower, I’d teleport.

My biggest Dota 2 dream is… World Champion TI.

Song/track I used to listen to get in the mood… Hey Mor.

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