Erkhan gokushima Bagynanov

Erkhan gokushima Bagynanov, ex-top 1 faceit.
Erkhan gokushima Bagynanov


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How long have you been playing CS:GO? since 2019.

The first game I played was Star Wars Battlefront.

TOP-3 CS:GO players: cadiaN, ZywOo, m0NESY.

TOP-3 sportsmen of all times: Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan.

Three words that describe your team: genius of CS:GO and cringe

The biggest CS:GO achievement I’m proud of is a test to K23.

The most legendary moment in CS:GO history for you is Outsiders victory on the Major.

Skills that differ a good CS:GO player: communication, in-game intellect and nimble mind.

My favorite weapon in the game is awp

Your most expensive skin is gloves.

Your favorite map is Dust 2.

Unfavorite map is Vertigo.

Once I am dreaming of playing vs. Cloud9.

If I weren’t a CS:GO player, I’d become a programmer or a streamer.