Junior Jhon Yadomi Reyes Rimari

Junior Jhon Yadomi Reyes Rimari has been playing Dota 2 for 13 years. His first games he played on Sega. In his spare time he enjoys playing football and watching Netflix. Also, he is proud of playing DPC.
Junior Jhon Yadomi Reyes Rimari


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Lima, Perú
Hard Support
9 800

Previous teams:

Alpha, Gorillaz Pryde, Beastcoast
Social media:

How long have you been playing Dota 2? 13 years.

Your favorite Dota 2 heroes: Treant

The biggest Dota 2 achievement you are the most proud of was playing DPC.

The first game you played was Sega.

Hobbies: Netflix.

What type of sport are you going or were you going in for in your childhood? football.

The best Dota 2 team in your opinion? Tundra.

TOP-3 Dota 2 players: Dubu, Kuku, Envy.

My biggest Dota 2 dream is… to play TI.

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