Leonid CaptainPanic Pozdnyakov

Leonid CaptainPanic Pozdnyakov or a mole kicks stones in the yard. That’s his hobby. He is dreaming of playing once vs. Nikita Dzhigurda. He says it’s difficult to surprise him.


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Stavropol, Russia
sniper, captain
Game experience:

10 years

Current game ranking:
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A word to describe your team is honorable.

The first game I played was Medal of Honor, I think. The first esport shooter was Unreal Tournament (with bots, not on the net).

Your esports idol is Artur Zhabinets.

My hobby is kicking the stones in the yard.

What character traits will help your team to win? team spirit, human decency, sense of humor.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is Kraken. Because I played a lot with it and had the best career moments with it too.

Your favorite map is Bridges.

Unfavorite map is the Pyramid.

Once I’d like to play vs. Dzhigurda.

The best player is Artur PlushevoeMyaso (PlushMeat) Zhabinets. Because he is a hard shooter in jumps.