Maxim DontKusMe Vakulov

Maxim DontKusMe Vakulov is a playing coach who chose his nickname with a reference to memes with cats. He thinks that if not Warface he wouldn’t have as many friends.


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Moscow, Russia
Game experience:
9 years
Current game ranking:
100 (25.01.2023)
Social media:

The first game I played was Hangar.

My hobby is surviving in real life.

The most dangerous opponent for me is an underestimated opponent.

Your expectations on laser tag: it’s gonna be a fight.

My favorite map is Destination.

My unfavorite map is Factory.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is Bushmaster.

What you shouldn’t do while playing Warface is thinking.

The best player is Ubiytsa (Killer).

If not Warface, I wouldn’t have met as many friends.