Nikita Noklens Volkov

He calls his team «invincible» and their strong sides are patience and desire to win. When he was asked what shouldn’t you do in Warface. He answered: ‘Smoking’.
Nikita Noklens Volkov


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Place of birth:

Moscow, Russia
Game experience:

6 years

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The first game I played was Minecraft.

My hobby is studying.

What character traits will help your team to win? patience and desire to win.

Who is the toughest opponent for you? Awinaw.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is Hunt.

Your favorite map is Bridges.

The most epic moment of Warface history I saw was when I was playing.

When playing Warface you shouldn’t… smoke.

The best Warface player right now is Semen, he was awarded as ‘The best player of 2022’.