Pham Saito Van Truong

Pham Saito Van Truong, is the team’s best player. That’s how he asked to announce him. His nickname Saito was improvised by himself. Pham has been playing MLBB for 6 years. He said that if he were not a MLBB player, he’d become a fitness coach.
Genius Esports

Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Thai Binh, Vietnam
Max ranking:
Mythical Glory

Previous teams:

VEC Fantasy Main
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Your favorite MLBB heroes: Claude, Kimmy, Bruno.

The biggest MLBB achievement you are the most proud of… participating in M1, SEA Games.

Your life’s biggest achievement you are the most proud of… I am the proudest of District Football Championship.

Three words that describe my team: harmony, solidarity, sharing.

When did you start your PRO career in esport? In 2018.

What was the first computer/console game you played? League of Legends.

The key position/role in MLBB. Why? In my opinion, all positions are important, because a mistake made by somebody affects the rest of the team members.

Your hobbies: playing games, swimming and listening to music.

The best MLBB team in your opinion? Echo.

TOP-3 CIS MLBB players? Kupie, Oneshot, Sunset Lover.

What type of sport are you going or were you going in for in your childhood? football.

Top three athletes in sports of all times… Lemon, Albert, Jess.

What do you prefer, PC or mobile MOBA? I prefer mobile MOBA because I can take it anywhere to play because it’s quite convenient.

What is your most expensive skin? Kimmy the space cat.

If I can choose a superpower, I’d like to… become an Ironman.

My biggest MLBB dream is… to become a world champion.

If I were not a MLBB player, I’d become a fitness coach.