Raniel Jhim Ureshi Logronio

Raniel Jhim Ureshi Logronio is the worst Exp laner from Philippines. That’s how he asked to announce him. ‘Ureshi’ in Japanese means ‘happy’. He likes playing on the Exp laner position because he likes using bruiser heroes.
Phygital Player


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Antipolo City, Philippines
Exp lane
Max ranking:
6000+ pts
Previous teams:

Your favorite MLBB heroes: Valentina

My motto: ‘The strong man is the strongest when he is alone’.

When did you start your PRO career in esport? In 2021.

What was the first computer game you played? League of Legends.

The key position/role in MLBB is an Exp laner because I like using bruiser heroes.

What do you prefer, PC or mobile MOBA? I like both.

The best MLBB team in your opinion? All teams in all regions which make a sacrifice to play.

Top three MLBB players: Kairi, Ohmyveenus and yawi.

Top three athletes in sports of all time: Kairi, Ohmyveenus and yawi.

What is your most expensive skin? Chou skin.

What type of sport were you going in for in your childhood? basketball.

My hobby is reading.

If I can choose a superpower, I’d like to… be immortal.

Songs I used to listen to get in the mood… ‘Silence’ by Marshemello ft. Khalid.