Semen UbiytsaXX (TheKillerXX) Mikhalchuk

Semen UbiytsaXX (TheKillerXX) Mikhalchuk has been playing Warface for almost 10 years. He participated in all the big tournaments of the last few years. Many of his opponents called him the strongest player of the tournament. He says if not Warface, he would sleep more.
Semen UbiytsaXX (TheKillerXX) Mikhalchuk


Date of Birth:


Place of birth:

Smolensk, Russia

Game experience:
9 years
Current game ranking:
90 (25.01.2023)
Social media:

The first game I played was Far Cry on PC.

The most epic moment in the Warface history is that Awinaw won two tournaments in a row.

My favorite map is Bridges.

My unfavorite map is Factory.

What you shouldn’t do while playing Warface is break devices.

The best player is Pravsha [RightHander], he is doing a lot of work on the tournaments.

If not Warface, I’d sleep more.

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