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Players from Cambodia and the Philippines are in the squad. Before the tournament Cadenza said that their team can be described with the word ‘monsters’. And the team’s motto is: ‘Together we define!’.

The founder of Team Max is Seihaream Ream Angkor Dyna who was playing PUBG on the amateur level. There is a mention of the Cambodian heritage Ankor Wat in his nickname, it’s considered as one of the world’s wonders. As he said their team began their preparation for the Phygital Games 2 weeks prior to the event. And their coach and assistant coach were analyzing the strategy. Kevin Olavere considered himself the best coach. He believes that attitude is a small thing but it makes big differences.

Sokram SeoBaby Phea
Sokram SeoBaby
Phygital Player
Kenneth Cadenza Castro
Ralph Benedict Flick Hamoy
Ralph Benedict Flick Hamoy
Hou Layyy Kimlay
Hou Layyy
Daravid BiiMo Touch
Daravid BiiMo