Vadim JetFire Zubritskiy

Vadim JetFire Zubritskiy is a big fan of Transformers that is the reason why he chose such a nickname. He is going in for sports, goes to the gym. He thinks there is no need to worry and fuss while playing Warface.
Vadim JetFire Zubritskiy


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Sortavala, Russia
Game experience:
9 years
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A word to describe your team is windstorms.

The first game I played was Need for Speed.

My hobby is going to the gym and following different types of sports.

What character traits will help your team to win? fighting spirit.

Who is the toughest opponent for you? Awinaw.

Your favorite weapon in Warface is a Barrett.

Your favorite map is none.

Unfavorite map is the Pyramid.

The most epic moments of Warface history I saw were all 1 vs 5 clutches.

When playing Warface you shouldn’t… worry and fuss.

If there won’t be Warface in my life, I’d choose football or wrestling then.