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Sergey Krenev S. Krenev

Sergey Krenev S. Krenev

Date of Birth: 20.06.1988

Place of Birth: Yoshkar-Ola

He has been in karting since the age of eight, and this hobby became a launching pad for his getting into the legendary KAMAZ-Master team. He was a night mechanic for Dmitry Sotnikov’s crew – the winner of the 2021 Dakar rally marathon. What attracts him to motor sport is having to face something new every day.

Before races Sergei tries to practice more and get his car ready by making necessary tweaks and fixing technical problems. This allows him to keep focused on the main goal – the victory!

He believes that the main feature of winter tracks is their unpredictability.

Main accomplishment in racing: 2021 Rally Raid Champion of Russia

Favorite videogame: Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Bogdan Bogdan Karimov

Bogdan Bogdan Karimov

Date of Birth: 09.04.1998

Place of Birth: Yelabuga

The Formula 1 and ice hockey fan, Bogdan got real big into karting while still a child and won his first victories on winter tracks as a school student. He stands out by having a special mindset for the race – always sure that he will approach the start combat-ready.

Main accomplishment in racing: first place at the fourth stage of the 2022 Russian Championships in Ulyanovsk Region. Class Т4 – trucks.

Favorite videogame: Dota 2