MMA — Caspiyan Megaladons

Serikbay and Alibek are representing Kazakhstan. Alibek thinks that their team is distinguished by modesty but in the octagon they won’t keep a low profile as their goal is to win the trophy of the Phygital Games.


Serikbay Warrior Khodzhabaev

Serikbay Warrior Khodzhabaev

Country: Kazakhstan

Age: 25 years old

Height: 184 sm

Weight: 73 kg

Base style: MMA

Serikbay is international master of sports in martial arts, champion of Kazakhstan and two-time champion of Asia in martial arts and also 7-time Kazakhstan champion in MMA. He was introduced to sport at the age of 7. He took up wrestling, kickboxing and then moved to MMA.

He turned Pro in 2015. As of now his record is: 18 fights (11 wins and 7 losses).

His dream is to become champion of UFC champion. He doesn’t single out his strong and weak sides because he thinks there is always something to work on.

Three best sportsmen in MMA history: Fedor Emelyanenko, Jonathan Jones and José Aldo.

The best fight of MMA history: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor.

A must-have song in the locker room before the fight: Adai kui

Alibek Ali Qozha Kusbaev

Alibek Ali Qozha Kusbaev

Country: Kazakhstan

Age: 26 years old

Height: 172 sm

Weight: 65 kg

Base style: striker

Ali Qozha recalls his sports story: “I was fighting on the street a lot and have been always dreaming of proving myself on the professional level”. In 2015 he started to perform on the PRO-level. By now he had 9 fights with 6 wins and 3 defeats.

His dream is to become a champion and make sure his family does not need anything.

Three best sportsmen in MMA history: Jonathan Jones, Jorge Masvidal, Mirko Cro Cop.

A must-have song in the locker room before the fight: ‘Zhakau’ Menin Mekenim

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