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Mikhail MS Statsenko

Mikhail MS Statsenko

An accidental discovery brought Mikhail to simracing: in 2017 he found an old toy steering wheel on a spring. Interestingly enough, no one in his family has ever taken up moto sport.

The first couple of years he developed a passion for drift in the regimen Single Player in Assetto Corsa on a console. But by he found himself in the company of fellows who initiated him to the battle against time. Thus, for starters he managed to reach a good level in the CIS and shortly thereafter joined a professional team to vie for the top spots at the championship SRO E-sports. Today the racer defends the colors of the team Yas Heat and has already gleaned quite a few awards. The hybrid race format of the race is nothing new for him as in 2021 he won the Porsche Russia Simreal Cup of which he is very proud.

Mikhail believes his speed, cold-bloodedness and analytical skills are his strong sides. Yet sometimes when he doesn’t feel enough pressure and competition he can easily relax and that’s his weak side but he is working on it.

All-time great racers in his opinion: Dayr McCormack, James Baldwin and Josh Rogers

Best race in the history of sports: Canada Grand Prix 2012: SRO E-sports 2020 Suzuka sprint

A must-have song in the locker room before the start: Slipknot ‘The Devil In I’

Phygital format is a big step forward which goes to show that E-Sports is not just about sitting at home in front of a computer but also an opportunity to acquire applied skills playing with racing simulators.

Mikhail says this format could be integrated into driving lessons to improve road safety.

Boris GaBor Garifullin

Boris GaBor Garifullin

When he was 6 his parents took him to the kart track so he could watch his elder brother in action. One year later he was participating himself in karting events while his brother became a coach. He also tried his hand at rallycross and circuit racing yet karting has always been his priority because it is very competitive and all races are close. And when his dream came true he bought himself a racing simulator and took up simracing.

Over the course of all these years I was passionate about motor sport I made many friends in different corners of our country and this is the achievement I am most proud of. My calmness and my perseverance are my strong sides. My weak side: my desire to shoot for the sky which sometimes makes me feel dismoral.

My main goal is to make my son a champion.

A must-have song in the locker room before the start: Era – Mother (Remix)

All-time great racers: Kirill Ladygin, Andrey Karginov, Ayrton Senna

Best race in my opinion: the rally-marathon “Dakar” 2013 when 10 km before the finish Kamaz truck got a flat tire and the crew of Andrey Karginov decided to get to the finish on three wheels. And they managed to preserve their lead at the finish line.

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