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Yaroslav and Maxim are two young and strong kart racers, they believe their team is distinguished by its experience and speed.


Yaroslav Shevyrtalov

Yaroslav Shevyrtalov

Yaroslav has been practicing motor sport for as long as 8 years. He holds the degree of master of sports. He is a two-time vice-champion and one-time bronze medalist of the Russian Championship. He rode a Formula 4 car in Italy. Last year he won the Simgrid World Cup with the pilots of SimWare team.

He believes his speed skills are his strong side.

A must-have song in the locker room before the start: Remember the Name.

All-time great racers: Max Verstappen, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna.

Best race in the history of sports – the final of the world championship Formula 1 in Abu-Dhabi 2021

Phygital format in motor sport – an interesting and unusual development of sport which, however, will never replace classical sport.

Maxim Solda25 Soldatov

Maxim Solda25 Soldatov

Maxim has been practicing karting since he was six and he’s been doing it on the pro level for as many as ten years. He spent two full-fledged European seasons. In 2017 he won the Russian national championships in the class “Super Mini”. In 2020 he became the vice-champion of Russia in the class “OK” to earn the degree of master of sports. He is also gradually trying his hand at touring car racing: this year he participated in the Russian series of circuit racing in the class touring (TCR); he trains occasionally in rallycross, and he recently tried rally.

His tact is his strong side and his impulsiveness – his weak side.

His goal is to show a great result in any racing class.

His dream: V8 Supercars

All-time great racers: Miguel Ascona, Lewis Hamilton, Daniil Kvyat.

Phygital in sport is a breath of fresh air.