Drone Racing — Team Reactor, Yekaterinburg

The name comes from the enterprise that supports the team – this is a nuclear reactor (Beloyarsk APS). Team Reactor organizes competitions in the Urals, does some open training and master classes, and actively develops drone racing in their region.

The members of the team support each other, practice together and construct drones together.

They are also distinguished by discipline, which is closely monitored by the captain – Egor Basarin.

The guys are also working on creating a stationary training ground in their city. They have their own unique frame design on vertical beams.

Recently the team took the 3rd place at the Play-off Drone Sports League 2022 and the 1st spot of the season in the Drone Sports League 2022 series in the gold division.

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Vladimir Komok Kamkin

Vladimir Komok Kamkin

He is a pilot from Serov who has attended several Gran-Prix 2021 races. Started to build quadcopters three years ago and considers this date as the start of his career. Vladimir is also doing 3D-modeling and robotics.

Ivan Gromozeka Boyarinov

Ivan Gromozeka Boyarinov

He is the bronze medalist at ROSTEC Drone Fest 2021 and multiple time medalist at drone racing Grand-Prix at 2020&2021. Boyarinov studies at Moscow Aviation Institute. In his spare time he likes to build details for quadcopters.

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