Drone Racing — APX Drone Team, Turkey

The team consists of two brothers Atakan and Burak. In drone racing, they are attracted to different things, if the elder one is inspired by the speed of piloting, then the younger one is inspired by the ability to construct a drone personally for himself. Despite their young age, pilots from Turkey have already made their mark on the international stage.
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Burak Mercimek

Burak Mercimek

He started his way in drone racing from the flights in a simulator. Then this hobby evolved into real flights. The opportunity to build a drone by himself and to customize it attracts Burak a lot.

The pilot from Turkey has won some home races and even was at the podium on several international events.

His dream is to become a champion of one of the most prestigious races in the world like MultiGP and World Drone Cup.

He doesn’t have any idols in drone racing he believes if he works hard it will bring the results.

Atakan Mercimek

Atakan Mercimek

His interest with drones started from YouTube videos. Then Atakan built his first drone. And till now he has been doing drone racing for 5 years already. The pilot said that drone racing is not popular in Turkey yet. And the thing that attracts him most in this sports is an opportunity to fly 200 km/h. 

Atakan is 2-time champion of Turkey. He is dreaming of winning the World Cup once. He finds the phygital format in sports interesting that is why he decided to try himself at the Phygital Games in Kazan.

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