Robert Fakhretdinov was the initiator to collect a team which is ready to challenge itself in phygital football in Kazan.

As he says, lads said that they are rather fast. And their roster is really impressive! There are several representatives of the sensational Media League Anton Klenov, Alexander Stepanov, Vladislav Oslonovskiy, the masters of the interactive football – Daniil Abeldyaev and Artem Khalilov and the universal player Vladislav Gavilovskiy. The team is aiming for the victory only with such a lineup.

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Number Name Position
77 Robert UFENOK77 Fakhretdinov Outfield player
11 Anton KLENOFF Klenov Outfield player
10 Alexander STIL Stepanov Outfield player
9 Vadim Tsay88 Tsay Outfield player
1 Daniil ABELDOS Abeldiaev Goalkeeper
3 Vladislav Gavi Gavilovsky Outfield player
8 Artiom XAL Khalilov Outfield player


Alexandra Kartushina

Alexandra Kartushina

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