New Russian FC, Yekaterinburg

New Russian FC was founded in 2017.

The idea to create a team to reach new heights belong to Evgeniy Vorobyov, the head of law firm “OneLaw” and Alexey Frol, the former footballer of Spartak-Lukhovitsy, UPI-DDT FC as well as VIZ Sinara from Ekaterinburg which was at its top at the end of 2000-s.

The team which consisted of the friends, former footballers and veterans of the club turned to the modern and strong club very soon. Now the lineup is strong, the winners of the Eurocup Damir Khamadiev and Konstantin Agapov, Artem Kacher, Pavel Moroz, ex-footballers of the Russian mini-football top division are playing. As well as Evgeniy Sedov, Artem Timchenko, Yakov Derevyashkin, Ilya Buchin, Vitaliy Osadchuck, Kirill Zapasov from Sinara are in the team too. Also, there are some other players like Ignat Sabirzyanov, Ilya Korelin from Ural, Daniila Korolkov who played in the 2nd division and Sergey Pryanichnikov, Ivan Komarov and Fedor Pankov who participated in the all-Russian big events. All of them are creating the club’s story of success, collecting wins on different tournaments starting from the local ones and up to the regional ones.

Last season the club reached the First League in mini-football from the first time (the Ural and West Siberia zone, Center division).

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Number Name Position
99 Ilya Buchin Outfield player
9 Artem Kacher Outfield player
4 Ignat Sabirzyanov Outfield player
7 Damir Suleymanov Outfield player
25 Fedor Pankov Outfield player
1 Ivan Komarov Goalkeeper
95 Ilya Korelin Outfield player


Evgeniy Vorobiov

Evgeniy Vorobiov


Alexey Frol

Alexey Frol

Main coach

Alexander Trikachov

Alexander Trikachov

Press officer

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