TAMO JUNTO FC, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian team assembled from the popular South-American media football players.

Tamo Junto is represented by top players well-known all over the world. The team is very experienced as well — multiple members of the squad are world champions of Red Bull Neymar JR’s Five. They are obvious contenders for the most positive team of the tournament.

Tamo Junto logo


Number Name Position
12 Alexey Alex Gurkin Outfield player
8 Paulista (Ygor de Abreu Perdão) Outfield player
14 Jhonatas (Jhonatas de Castro Cervan Goes) Outfield player
16 Matheus (Matheus Torres da Silva) Outfield player
13 Rodrigo (Francisco Rodrigo de Sousa Barbosa Santos) Outfield player
99 Dagoberto (Luis Roberto de Sousa Silva) Outfield player
7 Kunha (Tiago Kunha Rodrigues Serra) Outfield player


Alexey Alex Gurkin

Alexey Gurkin

Tamo Junto team news

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