Alexey Pchelkin is ready to be bitch-slapped by Petr Yan

During the online conference ‘Streaming in the new reality’ the popular streamer and CS:GO commentator Alexey PCH3LK1N Pchelkin shared his impression from the Games of Future format and expressed his readiness to face the Russian mixed martial arts fighter Petr Yan in the octagon.

Alexey PCH3LK1N Pchelkin: “Esports is like a little brother of sports, it takes the best experience from sports and does everything its own way. And also gathers packed stadiums. We haven’t seen something new in esports for a long time already. That is why we discussed with the organizers of Games of uture that we will try to show on streams some beautiful transition from (video) games to reality – for example, CS:GO + laser tag. Also, it’d be great to attract some top athletes to create the content: at first, we are playing UFC on a computer and then we get a real master-class from UFC fighter Petr Yan.

And just picture this transition from the virtual game to the real octagon where Petr Yan is waiting for you and bitch-slapping you. Right during the stream. Isn’t that some great content? It surely is! There is a quite a few young people who are going in for sports and top names are important to them. And they want to be like them: some of them like Petr Yan, others prefer Aunkere. Everyone has a role model to look up to”.