Any generation will be interested in the Games of Future

Experts of eSports community shared their thoughts with KazanFirst about the upcoming major event in Kazan Games of Future.

The owner of the club from Almetievsk Mirage CYBER Artyom Lapshin calls the concept of the competition “real cool”. He is glad that this area is being developed: ”I hope everything will be at the top level, but just hoping is not enough. I am skeptical about organizational skills”– the interlocutor added. According to Lapshin, there are very few competent representatives of eSports in their republic. He thinks that these competent people will be brought in from other regions, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The owner of the computer club believes that in order to make a tournament a success, one needs competent staff, the right infrastructure, well-planned tasks, a schedule of events. He also suggests inviting media personalities from eSports community: ”It is essential to avoid political aspects, because one way or another, the audience of such events are young people who are apolitical in their majority”, – says the entrepreneur.

ESport commentator (he was commenting qualifications matches in the run-up to The International, international tournaments SL/Dream hack Dota 2 and CS:GO. — editors’ note) Daniil «1ceN1ce» Khalikov believes these competitions will draw interest not only from young people:

”I think, any generation can get interested in what the Games of Future have to offer. That’s the added value of this event as there is much talk about misunderstanding between different generations while here it will all be intertwined with high-tech The concept sounds great, for in order to make the brain work one has to be physically fit, so it is always necessary to showcase it”.

When asked by the journalist whether Kazan is ready to host the event, Khalikov mentioned that the capital of Tatarstan has been holding major world sports competitions and different events at the highest level for some time.