Arina The Groga Girl: “I created the first characters with my grandfather”

The Phygital Games truly blur the boundaries between the digital world and the physical one. While emotions are running high in the cyber arena and the athletes are competing for a win in the finals, fantastic characters from popular games have found a way into our world in the spectator zone dancing Just Dance with the spectators, taking pictures and having a good time. Hours upon hours of work and creativity have been put into these colorful costumes and cosplayer characters and each and every one of them has a story to it. We have interviewed Arina the Groga Girl. She is wearing the Dota 2 Dark Willow character at these Phygital Games.

– Your outfit is mindblowing. What gave you the idea to start cosplaying?

– I’ve been cosplaying for nine years, maybe even more. I started cosplaying right after I started playing Dota 2. I began to create images for my characters.

– It must have been love at first sight. Is this your only image or are there more?

– No, I have about six or seven character images I wear.

– How long does it take and how much does it cost to put together a costume like this?

– It took me about a month to make this costume. It’s quite fast. It cost me about 40,000 rubles.

– How do your family and friends feel about your hobby? Any of them help you sew costumes?

– My parents did give me a helping hand when I was a teenager. I created the first character images together with my grandfather, an artist, and my dad.

– Is there a character image that you wish to create, but something is stopping you?

– I think that the character images that I have in my mind I will create all of them quite soon.

Interviewed by: Sofia Sofronova

Arina The Groga Girl
Arina The Groga Girl