Battle on the ice, real and virtual – what phygital hockey is all about

Phygital steps on the ice

Sure, you have already figured out in more details what the main idea of this discipline is all about but we can’t help complying with the formalities and thus will tell about our discipline in more details. Here is what phygital hockey is all about: first, you clash with the opponents playing the NHL 22 game in 3v 3 format, and then the same players continue the battle on a real ice. Rather simple but captivating. Let’s look into details further (see below).

Rules of phygital hockey

Stage 1. NHL 22

All positions are available for the players except for the goaltender’s position. The game consists of three periods of three minutes in the 3v 3 format on the level of complexity “superstar”. The participants chose any team except for All-Star. If a game is tied the teams shall not play an overtime and the winner is to be determined based on the results on real ice.

Stage 2. 3v 3 hockey

The final score of the phygital part is the starting score of the physical part. On a real ice the battle is held in the 3 v 3 format. Otherwise it is all very simple: crosses, skates, puck – the same three players who clashed on the console will play here three periods of seven minutes each. Rest assured, it will be very hot on our phygital ice!

At the First students games held in May 2022 the format already passed its first combat test. And on December 10-11, 2022, professional players will face a new challenge. It is definitely worth looking at how the classical hockey “Tatneft Arena” will be transformed into a venue for a phygital format with the athletes showing their skills both on real arena and in virtual universe.

Phygital Hockey Digital
Phygital Hockey Physical