Bloggers and journalists like phygital-sport

One day prior to the start of the first Phygital Games bloggers and journalists saw the backstage of the tournament to get a feel for phygital sport.
The exhibition pavilion Kazan Expo which serves as the venue for the competition, a real theatrical stage with decorations, is ready to host a sports show of new format. Organizers are just putting the final touches while bloggers and representatives of mass-media are ready to clash in a friendly match – first, in interactive football and then on a real pitch.
On top of conventional sports apparel each media athlete will make sure to take along a camera or a telephone or even a microphone to capture the brightest moments of the clash and the emotions. Turan Gataullin, Almaz ‘Strong’, Alina ‘Miss Risovsky’, Ayrat Shakurov, Alia Magdeeva and Azat Kashapov split into two teams.
First, according to the rules of phygital football, they played the FIFA. “Where do I sign up for Phygital Games?” – Alia asked after she wowed her teammates with her video game console skills. The second part of the clash took place on a football pitch. The battle was close, but 20 seconds before the final whistle one of the teams scored a goal to snatch victory from their rivals.

“Phygital football exceeded all my expectations. It is fresh, interesting and captivating. We were not match-tough yet in the first part of the clash as my career in FIFA was over in 2006, and we lacked a few minutes on the real football pitch, – confessed RIA Novosti correspondent Vadim Kuznetsov who scored the first goal in the match. – We wait for a rematch prior to the Games of Future in 2024!”.

“A sea of positive emotions from this match, all the more so that I managed to score the winning goal. We kind of relaxed when we were up 3:0 after the first part of the match. So, we lost our concentration when we stepped out on the pitch, conceded a goal and allowed the opponent to level the score, and only later we began to play better. Overall, it’s really cool to seize this opportunity to play and get a feel for the pitch before the athletes”, – Turan Gataullin noted.

The phygital football tournament due to kick off on Wednesday will feature players from well-known teams of the media league 2Drots and “Amkal” along with Brazilian media bloggers from Tamo Junto, the world champion in futsal amongst students Vadim Tsay and champion of Russian in FIFA Daniil Abeldiaev. Fedor Maslov, “Amkal” goalkeeper and famous blogger along with Roman Titov from Match TV channel will work as commentators.