Brazilians from Tamo Junto and the team New Russian will square off in the finals of Phygital Games

We’ve been waiting for it for quite some time, and finally the first ever Phygital Games kicked off in Kazan! Phygital footballers engaged in combat treating the audience to a real show. For more details be on the lookout for our reportage!

Tamo Junto vs Fake Football

A draw in FIFA. A draw in mini-football. A last minute goal. A red card shown in the last seconds of the clash. A post-match penalty shoot-out. All of that in one match! Sounds interesting? So we will tell you everything in order.
The digital part of this clash went rather smoothly. The Brazilians played for Real Madrid, while their opponents took the role of PSG players. The teams were trading goals and smiled a lot, so one could judge by the look on their faces that the guys were having a great time. The match in FIFA ended in a draw 3:3, and all spectators expected that relaxed atmosphere to reign on the futsal court too but phygital-footballers had completely different plans.
When the teams took to the real arena one could feel how passions were heating up as the air around sparkled. The players put up a real close fight in all segments of the futsal hard court, they fought for every centimeter – so much so that the referees had to stop the game every now and then. In the heat of passion the players brought the match to its logical conclusion – four seconds before the end of the match Artur Beglaryan let his emotions get the better of him, patted on the cheek one of the Brazilians and was dismissed with a straight red card.
Time and again Brazilians took the lead but the fellows from Fake Football wouldn’t give up scoring equalizers. By the way, game-wise the same Artur Beglaryan proved to be the main protagonist – thanks to the goal he scored on the last minute of the second half-time his team took the match into a penalty shoot-out where the Tamo Junto prevailed to reach the finals, congrats!

“As a nation they are the best footballers on the planet. But most importantly, we offered you a show”,- said Fake Football captain Ed Sklyar who was very appreciative of his opponents. “Frankly, it is really cool. First, we saw only the photos of the futsal court, and then when saw it all live – the atmosphere, the DJ, the stands, everything is so well organized. It was really superb! I hope competitions in such format will go on and gain momentum”,- added the popular media league footballer when talking about the phygital format.

New Russian vs Lokomotiv

While the first semifinal was a clash between two rather well-balanced lineups, in the second one we saw two completely different teams. Lokomotiv for the most part was represented by experts in digital football (suffice is to mention UFENOK77 and ABELDOS), while the team New Russian was represented by the champions of the Russian championships first league in mini-football, and it says it all about the strong side of each team.
Lokomotiv dominated in FIFA where the team earned a four-goal lead without conceding a single goal. But then the guys from New Russian nailed it on the futsal hard court putting on display superb tactical preparation and a high fitness level. Only phygital-sport God knows how many goals New Russian could have scored if it were not for the heroic and spectacular saves of goalkeeper Daniil ABELDOS Abeldiaev. As a result, the NR team beat Lokomotiv 4:0 and it all ended up in a penalty shoot-out which the New Russian team won to reach the finals.

“Not all the players of our team were fully match-tough and we conceded two quick goals within 3 minutes. Which is sad of course. If we all got into the game, I believe we would have made it. Thanks to the opponents for the game. They are a very good mini-football team”, – the goalkeeper of Lokomotiv Daniil ABELDOS Abeldiaev commented on the match.