Champions-outsiders – the Russian team won CS:GO major

The 18th CS:GO world championships finished on November 13 in Rio-de-Janeiro (Brazil). The Russian team Outsiders won the title to become the third roster from the CIS to hoist the most prestigious trophy in shooter from Valve. Games of Future offer an account of IEM Rio Major 2022.

Esport has never seen anything like that

Arguably, for the first time in the history esports the fans became the hottest topic for discussion rather than the players, matches or the results. No one has ever seen before what Brazilian fans showed to the world. Most interestingly, South-American fans have proven themselves from both the positive and negative side.

As far as positivity goes, it is all simple: how Brazilians were cheering for their team is nothing short of fantastic. Never-ending chanting, songs, amazing overall non-stop support of their compatriots. For the first time in history all analysts and experts admitted that the opponents of Brazilian teams will have to play not only against their opponents but also against the crowd counting it as a full-fledged argument in favor of South-American rosters. For your understanding, in the quarterfinals against FURIA Alexander s1mple Kostylev from NAVI, voted two-time Best Player according to the version, played his worst match over the last two years statistic-wise. And, last but not least, frankly speaking the fans did play a significant role in it. In short, Brazilian fans showed to the whole world how one must cheer for his fellow countrymen – and this is very, very cool!

What about the negative side? One of the “quietest” finals in the history of CS:GO was played at IEM Rio Major 2022. It turned out that Brazilians would gladly come to the arena to join their efforts and break the 114 decibels mark (which is almost comparable to an aircraft engine roar) under one condition – a local team (of fans) must be present at the match. If not – they simply won’t come which was confirmed by half-empty stands during the Grand Finale. And this, of course, is not cool at all.

Jame Time

Let’s move to the results and, of course, to the champion’s title won by the Outsiders. Perhaps the main storyline here was the long-awaited success of the captain and sniper of the team Jamie Jame Ali. This cyberathlete who had made fans fall in love with him a while ago was already on the verge of victory at the world championships in CS:GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive) in 2019 but back then his AVANGAR crashed against the invincible Astralis. Before the start of the Majors in Brazil only an inveterate fan of the team would add Outsiders who lost YEKINDAR earlier this year to the list of main favorites of the event but on paper the team of Jame definitely didn’t look as an eventual champion. That makes the previous wrong prognosis even more pleasant.

Throughout the whole tournament Outsiders demonstrated incredible composure and skills which helped the team win the first place. Special kudos to the young players fame and norb3r7 who debuted on the main stage of the Majors and who were ripping the opponents to shreds in the championship play-off. Not bad for a debut, right? As to Jame, the Russian deserved his title earning it thanks to long years of meticulous work and on top of that he received a medal as the tournament MVP. These merits of the sniper will go down in the history of CS:GO.

CIS - still the strongest region in CS:GO

On top of the victory of the Outsiders the fans of CS:GO from the CIS had one more huge reason to rejoice. For the first time in the history of 18 world championships as many as four participants from our region (half of the contestants!) were represented at the event. Unfortunately, none of the teams, except for the Outsiders, managed to advance beyond the quarterfinals. Anyway, winning a good half of the places in the Top 8 at the Majors is a gorgeous result.