Evgeny xSoapBubble Martynov on winning the Retro PC stage

Evgeny xSoapBubble Martynov, a player from the Tesla Squad team, a speedrunner and the guy who is sporting the most stylish haircut of all the competitors at the Phygital Games, won the speedrun at the Retro PC stage. This stage involved the competitors speedrunning throughMirror’s Edgefor victory.

– How long did you spend preparing for this competition?

– About a month. While I was at it, they announced the games and the categories.

– You beat Valdemar valdemarka Shkola from the speedXATA team who held the record. What does it feel like?

– As a matter of fact, it was not without a controversial point. But I am happy with my performance.

– How long have you been speedrunning?

– Not so long, for about three years. I’d always played with the idea of speedrunning so at some point I decided to give it a shot.

– How do game developers usually feel about the fact that their games are completed by some in under twenty minutes?

– Well, it depends. Some even like it, some are really against it as they don’t like their games being broken. Others try to fix the glitches once they learn.

– Do you have any experience with laser tag? What are your expectations from the phygital format of this event?

– Never tried it. I hope it proves an interesting experience.

– What would you wish for yourself when you first started streaming and what do you wish those guys who are just starting?

– A person should like the work that they are doing. Popularity should not be your first and last goal. With your mind set on this only, nothing will ever play out right.

– Why Retro PC?

– It’s just that I have a thing for old PC games. As a child, I had a dandy and a sega. I got my first PC back in 2005, and I really like games from those times.

Interviewed by: Aigul Garifullina