Hockey players Pirogova and Prugova on phygital-hockey

The hockey players from the Russian national team evaluated the concept of phygital-hockey and confirmed that they would try to participate in a tournament of such format.

Photo: from social networks @nina13pirogova

Photo: from social networks @anna_prugova

“I remember how we played the game console Dendy with my brother in our childhood, and then my parents bought me a Sega. Sometime later enter the epoch of PSP, and when I was 20-yard old, I bought myself again the game console SEGA, and still have it up until today, but I play rarely. Actually we have girls on our team who love computer games.
The game format 3х3 is more attacking and spectacular. For now it is hard to imagine how it is going to be realized in combination with the eSport part. Because all team players must play hockey well and then prove their mettle on a computer simulator. And we are talking about an aggregate score. But still I’d play in such tournaments if I am the goaltender (laughter)”.

Anna Prugova
hockey player of the Russian national ice hockey team and the women’s hockey team Agidel (Ufa)

“Sport always keeps up with the times, with the new influences and new trends. For example, now the format 3×3 is very hot in hockey. So why not combining conventional hockey with the battle on a virtual rink in NHL’22 format proposed by the Games of Future. It is an interesting idea. I would give it a shot. All is left for me to do is learn how to play a game console (laughter). And there is prize money on the block like in eSports, then there will be no shortage of volunteers who would want to play, because quite a few people play the game console now which means they can prove their mettle in both universes. We also have gamers on our team – Masha Alexandrova or Vika Klishova. They are really good not only at NHL, but also do well playing CS:GO, Fortnite and other games”.

Nina Pirogova
player of Tornado hockey club and member of the Russian national ice hockey team

Let us remind that the tournament will held in February 2024 in Kazan in 16 hybrid disciplines, and 3×3 hockey will be one of them as well as its virtual analogue EA NHL. The first test competitions will be held in autumn 2022.