If they’d call them to the World Cup, they would have become champions

The Brazilian footballers who conquered with their charisma the Russian media-league and then the Phygital Games in Kazan donated their $1 mln worth prize money to charity and played a friendly match with the pupils of Kazan Boarding School №1 and the kids from the football club “Dobrynia”.

This season popular Latin-American bloggers who glean millions of views and likes in the Internet came to conquer Russia. Even though today Tamo Junto is a successful media team, time was for some of their participants who live and train in the poor regions of Brazil this was just a wild dream. They know it all too well how important it is to support a sport initiative and inspire young athletes to new achievements.

Look at you – you as strong as Neymar”, – says Lukas Zanisello talking to a young athlete seizing him by the biceps.

The pupils of boarding school № 1 who are shortly due to represent Tatarstan at the Unified Games to be held according to the program of a Special Olympiad and intellectually challenged children from the football club “Dobrynia” met on a football field with the stars of social media from Brazil. Time and again, that friendly match proved that you don’t have to necessarily speak the same language if you are united by love for one sports discipline.

“We are from São Paulo. Amazing impressions from the matches. There is nothing so as to make children happy knowing that you can somehow help them. This is invaluable. The level of the kids is very good. If they’d call them to the World Cup, they would have become champions!” – Tamo Junto players noted.

In September Tamo Junto became a bright revelation of the Games, hoisting the trophy. They took up the challenge – to test their favorite sport in phygital format: first, they competed on a console in FIFA, and then clashed on a real field according to mini-football rules. They were up against well-known footballers from the Russian media-league defending the colors of the clubs “Amkal” and 2 Drots Edams Sklyar, Vladislav SLON Oslonovsky, skillful players in FIFA Artem Xal Khalilov and Robert UFENOK77 Fakhretdinov and athletes from the club New Russian (Ekaterinburg).

Phygital-champions Tamo Junto transferred the prize money they received in September for scoring a win at the Phygital Games to the

Tatarstan republican division of the All-Russian social charity organization helping intellectually challenged people “Russia Special Olympiad”. Deputy Sports Minister of Tatarstan Republic Ildar Sadriev attended the friendly match and personally thanked the Brazilian athletes”.

“Our regional division counts almost 5000 athletes. These are intellectually challenged people and also their peers without any peculiarities. We plan to spend all our prize money on the development of football in special schools. A two-day Spartakiade in football amongst 10 special schools of Tatarstan Republic will be held this December. All teams will be purveyed with a kit of sports apparel and uniforms”, noted Larisa Parfenova, chairman of Tatarstan regional division of the Russian Special Olympiad.