Igor Relax im fear Pichugin: “The phygital sport has the makings of becoming a sport of the future”

Rose Noire snatched the victory from Team Max Squad 2-1 thus reaching the MLBB finals of the Phygital Games. The gold laner of the team shared his impressions about the competition.

– Oneshot and Kupie told me after the qualifiers in December that you had come together just for the tournament and that you had not really done much training. I figure once you really managed to raise hell by taking the slot to the LAN finals from Deus Vult, you did start to plan out your training?

– Well, we did have trainings but not too many. When we came to Kazan, we really put in a lot of effort into training. Now we are going to prepare for tomorrow and see if we change anyone on our team or not for tomorrow’s game.

– When you found out yesterday at the draw that you were going to compete against Team Max, did you prepare? Did you work out your tactics?

– We had played against this team before so we had a bit of an idea what to expect from them.

– What do you think about the Phygital Games?

– The competitions are well organized… at a high level. I like it.

– The platform that lifts you up to your playing posts on the stage looks impressive. Is it scary?

– Yeah, it is shaky, too. Feels really scary.

– What is it like being in this gaming space of teams on stage? Could you elaborate a little?

– I’ll tell you: you’ve got player screens on the right. You feel tempted to sneak a peek but you get distracted every time you do. I make it a point to concentrate more on my phone to keep from getting distracted.

– It looks cool, though.

– It’s really cool, yeah.

– This tournament has the prefix “phygital” to esports. You are also going to compete in laser tag. Do you think e-sports can be like that in the future?

– Yeah, I don’t see why not. The world is always progressing and all things are changing. I checked out the laser tag place. They showed it to me… It’s very beautiful there. I would really like to play there.