Inspection visits will determine the capital of the Games of Future

On May 18 the delegation of the working group preparing the Games of Future paid an inspection visit to Kaluga, St. Petersburg and Kazan – the cities pretending for the title of the capital of the first technological tournament. Visiting the cities the commission evaluated the readiness of the existing infrastructure, the touristic appeal of the cities and the expertise in holding mass sport events.

Sports sites must be adapted to hybrid sports disciplines. For the Games of the Future are a technologic tournament in innovational sports disciplines, a double-event of new format where athletes are equally successful both in digital and classic ports disciplines.

Inspection visits will determine the capital of the Games of Future

The vice-premier Dmitry Chernyshenko kicked-off the bidding camping back in November 2021. More than 40 regions expressed their desire to hold the tournament, of these 19 confirmed their participation. The working groups in the regions presented to the bidding a package of documents describing the positioning of their city as technology-and sport-oriented ready to hold the event, they proposed a cultural and entertaining program and a set of services for all client groups.

After the documents were examined a short-list of cities-candidates which host inspections visits was determined – Kazan, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Moscow and the federal territory Sirius.

“Sports, science and technologies haven been going hand in hand for quite some time. Yet so far nobody has combined them in the format we attempted to create. We are going to the future and compile the trends of modern world – the love for traditional sport with its emotions, its passions and physical efforts and eSports with its possibilities to compete in virtual space, demonstrating flexibility of digital thinking. The inspection visits we conduct these days are meant to check the readiness of the cities to hold that unique tournament and to determine the capital of the inaugural Games of the future”, – says Igor Stoliarov.

The First Games will be held in Russia in 2024. The host city will be announced in June 2022 based on the results of the bidding campaign.