Juan Marcos bichop Bianchi: ‘We’d like to play football instead laser tag’

– Despite your loss, can you please share your emotions on Phygital Games?

– It was really cool. It was the first time for us playing laser tag, very strange. But it was good.

– What was tougher? CS:GO or laser tag?

– Laser tag because the guns are heavy. We are really tired but it was fun. We are CS:GO players and we never played or tried laser tag before.

– Did you have any tactics?

– When we played it for the first time – no. But today we had some tactical things prepared in advance.

–What was the level of the teams on the Phygital Games?

– The level is good and in laser tag too.

– How were invited here, to Kazan?

– We are a popular team in Argentina. They contacted us. We liked the idea and come.

– What did you say everyone when coming to Russia to the tournament of a new format?

– Everyone was really shocked but the accepted it.

– What was the most surprising thing for you here?

– It is really-really cold.

– Will you come to the Games of Future next year?

–I think yes, it was a good experience. We are a little bit sad that we lost. Maybe next time we’d like to play football instead laser tag.

Interviewed by: Victoria Reznikova