Kazan to hold phygital tournament in September

In 2024 the capital of Tatarstan will host the first technological Games of Future. And in September 2022 Kazan is to host a phygital-festival where several hybrid disciplines are to test their strength. Four disciplines all in all: the football double-event – FIFA + mini football, basketball’s NBA2K+basketball 3×3, drone racing and Beat Saber – a VR game where the player is supposed to cut to pieces objects with virtual sabers to the beat of the music.

All disciplines are based on the philosophy of phygital sport. Phygital (physical + digital) is the combination of physical and digital activity. Which means sportsmen will show their skills both on a real playground and in virtual reality.

“In September Kazan will host the Kazan Digital Week and the competition for the president’s cup called “Cyberpark”, so early autumn is poised to be technological in all senses. The future belongs to innovations and we are glad to be amongst the most advanced regions. We are confident that the synergy of sports and technologies within the tournament will not be just an interesting modern show in demand. The technological solutions developed and realized jointly with the Games of Future will be in demand in related areas which will make it possible to improve the republic’s dwellers quality of life”

Ayrat Khayrulin
Tatartstan’s Minister of Digital Development

“The combination of physical and digital is the reality we’ve been living in for quite some time. Even the most conservative sports disciplines with long history are using state-of-the art technologies to make their sport more attractive and interesting for the spectator. At the same time the sites of sports infrastructure must meet the specific demands of phygital disciplines and I am glad that Kazan is ready to meet them”

Igor Stolyarov
project manager of the Games of Future