Kazan to host Phygital Games

Esports in a brand-new format? Sounds intriguing

On February 5-11 Kazan will host the Phygital Games, an innovative new international sports event. CS:GO, Warface, MLBB, Dota 2 and speedrun are all on the menu, with the event boasting a total prize pool of around $14,000.

To the surprise of both esports fans and players, the organizers have decided to utilise a phygital format. What does it mean? As the name suggests, Phygital means both physical and digital. All the competitions will follow this formula, combining popular titles such as Dota 2, CS:GO, MLBB and Warface with laser tag. In the future, this exciting new format may evolve further, with the physical aspect involving other activities, especially for MOBA.

This LAN tournament serves as a qualifying event for the Games of Future that will take place in Kazan next February.

Speedrun comes on track

Dates: 5-8 February 2023

Four teams, containing three athletes from the speedrun underground community, will showcase their skills and how they can hack the video games. Each run consists of three stages, on three different platforms – retro console, modern PC and retro PC – with the fastest overall team emerging as the winners. The competitors are set to compete in classic adventure games such as “Super Mario Bros.”, “Comix Zone” and “Chip’n’Dale”, horror games “Resident Evil 2 Remake”, “Little Nightmares”, “Mirror’s Edge”, along with “Hitman: Codename 47”, “Quake” and “Serious Sam: The First Encounter”.

February 5 – group stage
February 6 – semi-finals
February 7 – finals
February 8 – laser tag show match

In MOBA we trust: Dota 2 vs. MLBB winners compete in laser tag

Dates: 6-8 February 2023

Dota 2 teams: One Move, Alpha, Keyd Stars, Matreshka
MLBB teams: FREAK FIVE, Genius Esports, Team Max, Rose Noire

Several famous MOBA games are also on the agenda for the Games of Future disciplines. The event organizers elected for laser tag as the physical discipline for the first edition, but in the future they are contemplating creating a competition closer to the games’ own universes and concepts.
The teams will compete according to the Olympic system, while also adhering to the rules of esports. Once the e-competitions are over, much like with Speedrun, the teams will take on one another in a laser tag show match.
February 6 – semifinals
February 7 – finals
February 8 – laser tag show match

Tactical Challenge

Dates: 9-10 February 2023

CS:GO teams: Websterz, HOTU, WINDINGO, 9 Pandas
Warface teams: Repulse, Awinaw, MementoMori, Winstrike

While Speedrun and MOBA contestants compete in laser tag in the exhibition format, those teams vying for the Phygital trophies in tactical challenge will get an even more authentic phygital experience. These e-players will battle it out in the cyber arena first, playing CS:GO and Warface, before carrying their scores over to the laser tag field for the conclusion of the contest. For wining a round in CS:GO or Warface a team gains 1 point, while victory in laser tag earns a further 2 points.

February 9 – semi-finals
February 10 – finals

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