Keyru: “A Phygital-Federation in Rostov-on-the Don? Why not?”

Victor Keyru, a Russian professional basketball player known to sports fans thanks to his performance for UNIKS (Kazan) and CSKA (Moscow) confessed that he was actually thinking of organizing a tournament in a phygital-format, gave his appraisal of hybrid-sport and also shared his opinion about the contest aimed to develop sports phygital-federations in the regions.

— So, what do you make of phygital-format?

— A normal format, I was going to do it myself because I am an event organizer. 

— And whats the hook?

—  What really draws interest? Only elite sport because the strongest people compete only in elite sports when they are narrowly focused on something specific. Let’s take running, for instance. Everyone loves to watch people who excel at that, and these are the sprinters. When you are spreading yourself too thin telling about different sports disciplines, like the all-around event in athletics, then the all-rounder is running the 100 m not so fast as someone who is doing it all his life. That’s the rationale behind it. But as far as the large scale of the story is concerned, that’s interesting. It is a large-scale project, indeed.

— Would you be interested in trying your hand at the hybrid format NBA2K plus 3×3 basketball?

— I’d prefer participate in the organization rather than playing myself, because I don’t play the game console.

— We are establishing the Phygital Federation, we’ve also launched a contest for the creation of regional representations. Tell us, how useful the creation of such federation and regional federations could be?

—It would be good for one’s health. Anything related to sports is good; as far as getting the youth involved in positive processes – that’s good, too. But here the actual content is paramount. How it will really help attract a new audience to the different segments of activities

— Would you like to see a new representation of such federation open in your native city – Rostov-on-the-Don?

-Sure, why not?

Photo: from social networks @keyru23