Lost virtually – won physically. Get to know phygital fighting

You were surely itching to fight with your virtual opponent in real life. Enter the Games of Future – they will solve your problem, so let’s introduce a new discipline – phygital martial arts

Batlle for the belt of phygital-champion

The essence of phygital fighting fully corresponds to the format phygital (physical + digital). First, the athletes are to clash on a game console in Mortal Kombat and then pursue their battle inside a real octagon – this is phygital, pure and simple.

Speaking of harmonious development of an athlete in both classical and computer sports disciplines. While in most phygital disciplines we try to encourage fans of cybersport to step on a real sports playground, then in martial arts it is just the other way around – we want to take fighters out of their sports halls where they spend most of their time so that they compete in digital format for a change.

Rules of phygital fighting

The tournament in phygital fighting will be held in the 2х2 team format. Before the start of a match pairs will be formed out of the existing lineup. Each participant is supposed to play the game Mortal Kombat first and then he will take to the octagon. In other words, the teams will not be formed under the fighter+sportsman principle, but rather will consist of two fighters who will be competing in physical and virtual reality.

A draw ceremony will kickstart the tournament. Each fighter from a team is to play one (virtual) match in Mortal Kombat and then will hold a fight according to MMA rules against the same opponent. Team members will determine the opponents within each pair at their discretion.

Stage 1 Mortal Kombat

A player shall choose a pool of three video game character for one serie bo3. After one of the chosen characters wins, the participants can no longer use him in the match. In case of a defeat the player can pick up the same character again. One cannot substitute the character when the (virtual) fight began. A game will last till someone scores two wins, i.e. no more than three rounds.

  • The winner of a given stage scores 10 points
  • The loser gets 2 points for each round won, that is, no more than 4 points.

Stage 2 MMA Fighting

Right after the 1st stage the athletes step into the octagon and hold a 3-round fight, every round is 3 minutes in duration. As are a result of the fight points are awarded as follows:

  • Early completion of the fight (knock-out, technical K.O., submission, stoppage by the fighter’s second, stoppage by a doctor) – 15 points
  • Win by unanimous decision – 10 points
  • Draw (unanimous decision or majority draw) – each participant receives 5 points+tie-break
  • Split decision – 10 points+tie-break.

Extra points

Best finish of the tournament – 5 points (chosen by the organizers)

Best fighter of the tournament – 5 points (chosen by spectators/fans in social network)

Bonuses for creativity x3 – 2 points (chosen by the organizers)

Bonus for Fatality – 1 point (awarded for every carried out Fatality)


The position of each team in the tournament table is determined based on the aggregate number of points after all fights. In case two or more teams have an even number of points, an additional round in Mortal Combat is to be held:

  • Two or four teams scored the same number of points: the teams hold an extra-round up to 3 wins in the format 2×2. If there are four teams (with the same number of points) – then it is determined by draw of lots, the winner is determined under the Grand Prix system.
  • 3, 5 or 6 teams have the same number of points – same procedure as in the previous version, but at the draw ceremony one team (or two teams in case of six identical results) will reach the final automatically.