Maksim SNAILKICK Kiselyov: “I’ve loved movies since I was a kid. I’ve always played Terminator and Robocop”

A popular blogger, renowned for his videos that have gone viral, his impressive reincarnations, is running a Speedrun studio at the Phygital Games and unraveling all the tricks of the games with community experts.

– Maksim, where do you draw inspiration for your characters for YouTube videos?

– I don’t know. It all began when I was a child. I’ve always loved movies. Whenever I watched a movie, I liked to pretend to be the character that’d impressed me the most. That is why I’ve always played Terminator and Robocop since I was a child. It happens when I come across a promising funny character. For instance, I have Vitaliy (last name omitted). He is the combination of all the business coaches and other info gypsies that are acting up on the Web. My characters are always a satire on somebody.

– Do you have any favorites or most memorable ones?

– For sure, the most memorable characters are Vasyok and Vitaly P. They are the most vivid ones.

– Many people know you from the memes “In principle it is logical”. Have you ever been approached by someone on the street?

– Well, really, I’ve had more people approach me over 55×55. I have this video called “25×25: the music of not a musician”. For a time people would come up to me, say “25×25” and just go away. That was fun.

– What are your favorite games?

– Uncharted, if played on the console, Counter Strike, unfortunately, God of War. It’s a nice lineup of games. My childhood memories take me back to Diablo II and Mafia.

– Why’d you say “unfortunately” about Counter Strike?

– Because this is a game that kills your nerves. It is a very hard game. You must play it professionally. Otherwise, playing it is plain impossible.

– What do you think about the Phygital Games?

– I like the concept. It’s cool that you get to showcase two sides of yourself. This makes sense, right, as we are in the physical world but it is fairly similar to the virtual one so why not capitalize on it?

Interviewed by: Aigul Garifullina

Maxim SNAILKICK Kiselev