Maximiliano Martinez Allende: I’d add volleyball as a physical part for Dota 2 for Phygital Games

The coach of Team Alpha Maximiliano Martinez Allende commented on the semis vs. One Move and shared his thoughts about phygital format for Dota 2.

– It was a long match; can you please share your thoughts about it and did the technical issue influence the final result?

– It was a really long game. I think that a break which happen during the match was decisive today, especially it affects the mood of the team. They lost completely the mentality and it was completely a game changer for the team.

– Many players told us they came to this tournament as it’s a good practice for them to play LAN-event. What about your team?

– The overall experience was really good, we are happy about the event, of course, except the loss of our first match which we really wanted to win, but I think tomorrow we will have another chance.

– What can you say about the phygital format? Can it be the sport of the future?

– I think that it sounds really cool. It’s probably going to be the future in a few years and I never saw this kind of competition before. And I think this is really fun and it will continue to develop.

– We are watching the show from spectators’ seats you have a unique chance to see everything from inside. Please share your emotions with us?

– I think the show is really cool. I was not expecting that, the overall stage and everything is like at the top-level so I think it’s really cool.

– If you had a chance to choose some sports to add to Dota 2 instead laser tag like right now what will it be?

– I’ve been playing volleyball my entire life, you can see my height and I think that it will be really-really fun. I don’t know how would they (my team) play but it should be fun.