My Phygital Romance. Chemistry of new times

«Phygital – into sport!», – so foreshadowed the Games of Future winning over new fans of sport and esports. For phygital has already penetrated into all spheres of life, including creativity. Here is a story about how this concept is faring in other walks of life.

On August 26, the British rock group Muse released its ninth album “Will of the People” in NFT format. The musicians became the trailblazers in exploiting the opportunities of NFT-platform.
What is a digital disc? It is a downloadable version of the album in FLAC format with a digital signature of Muse and an alternative cover. The names of the lucky owners of the NFT-albums will be published in a special list. The treat costs 20£ (about 1 500 rubles), the number of digital copies is limited – just 1000 copies).
In an interview with “Variety” the lead vocalist of Muse Matthew Bellamy shared his thoughts about the new format:
“It is interesting. I always support technologies and what they can become. It is an opportunity to create something unique in digital, something that cannot be copied or repeated. If people will believe in it, then the rank-and-file artists some of whom have no other options but exist in digital will have an opportunity to earn money via NFT”.

Digital-fashion. What’s the hook?

What is digital fashion all about? Is it about virtual clothes you will never be able to wear? What’s the purpose of it?

For it is a whole industry and some of the ideas from the digital wardrobe do have a future. For example, 3D modelling and AR-technologies help brand manufacturers produce the right amount of clothing items without excess. A potential customer tries on a 3D model of running shoes to make sure the model meets his/her needs and then maybe he/she would even model the shoes’ design and colors at his/her discretion and then would send the order for execution. How is that for an ecology-friendly approach?

For example, sometimes prices for branded stuff are prohibitive, but then virtual accessories for digital avatars ranging from Gucci to Louis Vuitton can be purchased for no more than 10 dollars. Exclusive stuff, albeit digital, makes you feel good, too. At least the digital avatar got lucky!


Source: tj.journal

NFT as a tool of inclusivity

Vico Cham

Source: Vico Cham

Filipino artist with autism Vico Cham has spent his decade-long career working to create a better, more inclusive world for artists living with disabilities just like him. Since his childhood he has been drawing sketches, which his parents were collecting not really knowing what to do with them. The NFT-platform made it possible not only to digitize his drawings but also give them a new life in digits. Vico created his phygital-gallery where one can get access to all his works both in digital and real format. The Filipino gathered around him his followers who work in the borderless space of both worlds. For example, thanks to NTF the artwork of the 9-year old charge of Vico’s studio Sevi Agregado was put on display at Times Square in New York.