Nikita Crush is our man

During the show-match in the format of the Games of Future the players Dmitry DM Dorokhin and Daniyal yamich Lazebny were choosing teammates from the audience. That was quite a critical choice as they were to break a new phygital discipline – Dota2 + VR-game. The 18-year old Nikita Polshin from the town Stroitel, a student of the Belgorod industrial college was among the chosen lucky ones. His group of support was so active that they cheered even louder than the headliners of the evening event while commentators even came up with a nickname – Crush.

— What’s your experience in Esports and gaming? What games do you like?

— Not much of an experience as don’t know well all the games, I mostly specialize in shooters.

— Do you follow the esport world? Maybe you like any specific team or personage?

— I follow Russian teams, I cheer for them at major tournaments.

— What is Esports for you – leisure, a way to relax or there is more to it?

— For me it is all about new emotions, an opportunity to relax and have fun.

— Have you ever played in VR-glassed? Have you had a similar experience in other games? 

— I haven’t had yet such an experience in VR-glassed as in the show-match, but these are crazy emotions. The virtual reality maybe is not real, but it is also cool. I like very much shooters and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game in virtual reality. I had a feeling as if I changed the world and even forgot a bit about reality.

— What was the brightest moment for you at this Russian Championships?

— The moment when the crowd cheered for me, I am so grateful. It felt really nice. I am crazy about the VR-format, I found my bearings quickly and it all worked.

— Did you like for format phygital of the show-match? Share your impressions.

— This format was quite unusual for me, it was something new. I am really glad that I had this opportunity to give it a try.

— Tell us, how did it feel to play with such renowned esportsmen, what emotions did you feel, what worked and what didn’t?

— As a matter of fact, it’s a huge experience, I always wanted to play with some popular esportsmen because I am a passionate gamer myself, and when I watch matches, I often think: “That would be great to be in their shoes”. What happened today really impressed me! 

— Is it hard to switch from one discipline to the other? 

— As a matter of fact, no.

Tell is, who takes part in your group of support – those cheerleaders who made you famous at the Russian Championships?

— That was my little volunteers’ family where we always support each other. They are the best!

Commentators gave you the nickname Nikita Crush, do you think your friends will adopt this nickname in everyday life?

— They’ve already done it!

— How did your life change after you participated in the show-match, did get more subscribers?

— Many subscribed on Instagram, they recognize me even in my college.

— Esports is becoming more and more popular in our country and worldwide, what do you think of it?

— As a matter of fact, I am glad that eSports is becoming more powerful, because it is also a sport, even though it’s inside the game, still it’s a sport, it’s hard. 

— Do you think phygital disciplines have a future as a competition?

— I would be really happy if such format would gain momentum because it is so cool!

— The concept for the Games of Future is just about hybrid disciplines, would you like to participate in such tournament?

— If I had such an opportunity, I would make sure to seize it. It is exciting!