Only drones are above

The sports that comes from the underground and already attracts millions of fans around the world. We are going on with introducing the Games of Future disciplines.  Fasten your seat belts. We are speaking about drone racing today.

Formula 1 in the air

Drone racing is compared with Formula 1 for a reason. Top speeds, track and pit stops, there is everything the same.  A pilot is managing the drone with a special controller and  FPV-glasses, which show the picture from the drone with all the obstacles and hurdles of the track at a speed more than 100 km per hour. Rollercoaster? For sure. But there is no time to indulge in emotions, you have to stay calm and keep the concentration to control the flying drone to cross the finish line first. There is a pit stop zone on track where the second pilot of the team can change the accumulator or make a small repair.  The dynamics of the race keeps the viewer in suspense. The geographical diversity of the places where the tournaments are held inspires a lot: from the indoor tournament with specially constructed and beautifully lighted track to picturesque corners of the world. Both look fascinating. 

From IT start up to the global sport

Nicholas Horbaczewski, the Harvard Business School graduate and the Drone Racing League founder said that the first time when he saw drone racing was in Australia. He believed in this idea and decided to organize a tournament in the USA. If the first tournaments were streamed on the Internet, two years later ESPN and Sky Sports bought the broadcast rights. In 2016 the DRL Racing Simulator was issued.

Since that the drone racing community has been gaining the momentum. In Russia drone racing got the status of the sport in 2017. There is something to be proud of, as Russian pilots have already reached some heights on the international level. 

Musical interlude

Matthew Bellamy the leading vocalist of Muse band invested in the Drone Racing League

Practically every sport has its own fans among celebrities. For example, Matthew Bellamy the leading vocalist of Muse band invested in the Drone Racing League. His wish was to touch the space either in the music or in sports too. Recall that the group’s 7th studio album is also named ‘Drones’ but it contains the deeper metaphor in the meanining. 

The most popular creative touch of the drones with the wide audience is filming. Since 2014 the New York City Drone Film Festival has been held.

Phygital Iceland in Kazan. Good height

During the Phygital Games in September the drone racing will be among the disciplines. Pilotes will try the new track and Kazan spectators who are not yet familiar with this sport, can get to know this sport of the future better.