Phygital center. The sport of the future is already here

A sport ground of new type will open in Kemerovo. What’s the hook?
Sport, technology and gaming have been going hand in hand for a long time. We are seeing more and more statistics in sports nowadays and innovative developments help both in the training process and in competitions.
Phygital with its formula phygital = physical + digital wants to combine the digital and physical universes. And it is precisely the phygital center which can combine them in one place. It is a sport ground of new format where one can compete and go in for sports in a single space – both on a real sport arena and sitting with a game console or in front of a computer or in VR.

Phygital in Kemerovo

The world’s first Phygital Center will open on September 29 in Kemerovo (Primorsky avenue, 10). There you can play FIFA, NBA, NHL and Beat Saber games and then go outdoors right away to test your strength in street football or streetball, to train in the workout zone or in panna football. In winter time the playing ground will turn into an ice hockey rink.
The visitors of the center can log training hours, participate in tournaments uniting in teams. Dwellers of Kemerovo will be able to get to know the concept of the Phygital Center free of charge starting from September 29, 3PM.

Smart arena as a virtual coach

The technical capacity of the Phygital Center will make it possible to register the activities of sportsmen both in virtual reality and on a real sport ground. An hour-long practice session in the digital zone will earn a visitor 10 points and a 30-minute long practice session outdoors is worth 10 points, too. Using a special smart-system you can put on your favorite track and it will be heard all over the sport ground, or you can get a video from your practice session to report to the coach or to your friends after posting the record on social media. Additional bonus points are awarded to phygital sportsmen who spend time in both zones to get the balance right between physical and digital activity. The aggregate result defines the ranking.