Dota2, NBA2K и FIFA – Polstyanov on UNICS team interests

Sergey Polstyanov, 19-year-old defender of UNICS basketball club speaks about the games his teammates prefer and commented on phygital format in sports.

– What is the players’ attitude towards computer games?
– As far as I know, many basketball players are quite positive about esports. Of course, we all have different hobbies and interests in everyday life. But sometimes after the matches or practices the guys can relax sitting in front of a game console. 
– What games do you play? Who is the best gamer on your team? Who is the main “instigator” to propose to spend some time in virtual reality?
– As a rule, we play Dota2, NBA2K and FIFA.
– How can computer games be useful for a professional athlete? In mental or tactical terms, for example?
– Video games boost your confidence in what you are doing on the court, they help you to improve your reaction speed and gave you a whole spectrum of emotions and the adrenaline rush.
– Now the phygital sports federation is being created to combine sport and esports. For example, you played NBA2K first and then you came to play 3×3 basketball. It seems that it will help to make the upcoming generation who is fond of computer games to be more interested in real sports, too. What do you think about such an idea?
– I think, phygital movement is a great chance for the young generation to learn how to combine physical and digital activities. Unfortunately, young people don’t go outdoors too often, they prefer to spend 90% of their spare time in front of computers and playing with gadgets.  I think that phygital movement can encourage the youth to go in for sports and not just play computer games. This project has a great perspective but not on the professional sports level. 
– Kazan will host the inaugural Games of Future, a tournament of new format based on the phygital concept. What do you think? Does the city deserve it? Is Kazan ready to host such an event?
– Kazan is the sports capital of Russia which deserves to host the Games of Future. I am sure that the capital of Tatarstan will hold the event at the highest level.